An Indigenous Art Gallery, where?

In Clare!
That’s right, Clare Valley has its very own Aboriginal art galley featuring a great range of authentic art pieces from Central Australia.

Clare Valley Art Gallery has been open for several months now and their official opening late last year featured Indigenous Australian actor, Ernie Dingo as special guest speaker. I’ve been saying to husband since i saw the photos of the opening that we should go and have a look and support this new Clare business, even if just by browsing and saying g’day and on Sunday we did just that.

The art gallery is in a great spot, situated on the southern entrance to Clare near the Clare Caravan Park. Colin & Christine chose well when they were looking for their special place to live in a town they have fallen in love with.

Australia really is a ‘small world’ so it wasn’t long before art gallery co-owner, Christine, and I were chatting about people & relatives we both knew in NT & SA. The pair have spent the last  20 years in Alice Springs & Colin is originally from SA. They both loved Clare Valley and rather than move and look for work, they decided to combine their two passions; wine region & art gallery. Smart move.

deb and christine at cv art gallery

Myself & Christine in front of a canvas from Gloria Petyarre called, “Bush Medicine Leaves“. These works really do take your breath away and would look great on any wall…..IMHO!

I love Aboriginal art and we’ve been blessed to have been gifted a couple of authentic pieces that mean a lot to both of us. They take pride and joy in our living area and i love seeing them every day. Our passion for indigenous art started about 25 years ago on a trip to Alice Springs when we purchased our first didgeridoo. H can play it reasonably well and it’s a hit when we have people visit. Me, not so much!

My first impression of Clare Valley Art Gallery is great presentation and great choices of pieces on the walls. Not everything is on a frame, you can buy works of varying sizes and frame it yourself. Makes transporting it home easier if you are visiting our wonderful region. There are some truly amazing works available, including this one from Margaret Turner Petyarre which caught my eye. So much detail. So much time. So much patience!

margaret petyarre“Women’s Body Painting” – Margaret Turner Petyarre

To add a bit of extra interest, the gallery features some fabulous timber furniture pieces that had this polished timber lover drooling. My dad is a carpenter so i’ve always loved timber furniture and these works by Colin’s son are amazing! I mean, check this out…

crafty pieces
Fabulous, hey?

And what about this one?

curvy desk
Love. It.

You will find a few of the standard touristy items to buy and they’re not at all overpriced which is a fantastic. Smaller trinkets are a great way to remember your holiday or to buy as a gift. I dare you though to walk out of there without thinking you’d love one of those authentic canvases hanging on your wall. Harder still to make a choice because so many of them are great. I gazed at them in awe of the time spent by the artist, often kneeling or sitting in the red dust and searing heat of this wide, brown, land. Such talent.

clare valley art gallery

I’m glad we made the effort and i hope a lot of locals and tourists do too. The Clare Valley Art Gallery is well worth seeing. Thank you to Christine for being so gracious with her time and not minding too much about having her photo taken for this blog!

Put the Gallery on your list of things to do. You won’t be disappointed!

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  1. I like the sound of this too! I could save myself a fortune and come to the Clare Valley for my next holiday instead of going to Europe!

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