The Sevenhill

Husband & I quite often eat out for lunch during the week. It’s a great way to break up the working day nicely although, sometimes, that one small glass of pinot is not conducive for a productive afternoon, especially on a Friday! Shush, don’t tell the boss!

We’ve got 3 pubs and several cafes in Clare but the other day we decided to travel a few km’s out of Clare and go to the Sevenhill Hotel, affectionately known as, “The Sevenhill”. We’ve been there many times for dinner and functions and of course the “thirst-quencher on the way home from Adelaide” but not for lunch during the week. I was pleased to see several groups also had the same idea but it was not overly noisy which was perfect for our lunch date.

My perception of the Sevenhill Hotel is that it’s always been popular no matter who is at the helm and current hotelier, Paul Longbottom, is no exception, doing a fantastic job at running a local pub where bar stool critics can be harsh if you step out of line and make too many changes. They’ll soon let you know, there’s no doubt about that. But, Paul and his wife, Kate Shadiac, are doing a superb job of keeping everyone happy with fantastic meals, bands on sundays, functions & fundraisers and of course, cold beer and wine.

Sevenhill Hotel Paul and Kate

Sevenhill Hoteliers, Paul Longbottom & Kate Shadiac

Sevenhill Hotel
I first met Paul about 18 months ago when he’d just taken over the reigns and thrust into a baptism of fire by hosting the Sevenhill Cricket Club fundraiser for The Little Heroes Foundation. If he was nervous it didn’t show and the event was a resounding success complete with a scrumptious 3 course meal by head chef, BJ.

I have this thing with pubs where it doesn’t matter if i go there a lot or if i’ve even been there at all, if i don’t feel as comfortable as i do walking into the pub i drink at every saturday night, chances are i won’t return. Rest assured the Sevenhill definitely has a comfortable atmosphere and if you are dropping in for the first time i guarantee you’ll be made to feel welcome by many of the local patrons as well as Paul & Kate.

The menu is extensive and delicious, ranging from a fantastic pub schnitzel, perfectly cooked steak, and wonderfully seasoned fish. Or if you’re after something slightly more adventurous you could try the chilli crab Pangkarra linguine. One of my favourites is the pulled beef balls. They. Are. Ah. May. Zing! And i hear the Sevenhill Lamb Burger is pretty darn good as well. I tell you, we are so very blessed to have all these fabulous dining choices on our doorstep!

Anyway, back to our lunch. It was a fantastic mid-week lunch date all served & consumed within the hour. We both had the ‘obligatory’ schnitzel. I had chicken & husband had beef and both were superb, crumbed slightly different to your average ‘schnitter’, it was actually more of a tempura crumb. Yummo! Drinks & meal all served by Paul and he was even clearing the tables. Great catch, Kate! 🙂 The joys of being a business owner and all done with a friendly smile. What a great bloke!

Look, if you’re after a fantastic country pub experience, you can’t drive past The Sevenhill Hotel, it’s a great pub with a great atmosphere. Just ask any local. Regular patrons, Bev & Trev, will always greet you with a smile and “g’day”.
Stay overnight at one of the nearby B&Bs and treat yourself to a lovely relaxing country pub experience or take a day trip and enjoy live music on sunday.
Oh, and by the way, make sure you check out the cellar. You will be impressed and yes, you can dine amongst the many wonderful bottles of local #ClareValley wine.
Win, Win!

See you there…..
sevenhill cellar
sevenhill hotel cellarSevenhill Hotel cellar

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  1. Sounds like a very friendly place!


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