What Are The Meals Like at the Watervale Hotel?

It’s a question i have been, asked many times and it’s been longer than i care to admit since i’ve been there so, naturally, i’ve given it a go…

It’s the Adelaide Cup long weekend in South Australia and after a couple of days spent in the garden we decide today is the day we’re going out for lunch. Of course we’re going somewhere we haven’t been for a while. A quietish public holiday Monday is perfect for that sort of thing. I reckon anyway, because you get to chat with the people who run the joint and establish a rapport. It doesn’t fuss me much if there’s not a huge crowd. Sometimes, the less people the better.

We’ve been treated to some beautiful autumn weather this weekend and today is no exception, so after a few last minute chores in the morning we set off, still undecided as to where we’ll go for lunch. One of us loosely mentioned a few weeks ago that we should try the Watervale Hotel and it was mentioned again as we set off today so that’s where we headed. When we got there we dubiously pulled up on the side street with me chipping husband about not parking in the shade and him replying, “we might not be here long, it looks quiet”. But i strode off full of confidence they would not only be open, they would indeed be serving meals for lunch.

We were greeted at the front bar by the very friendly, Irene, who made us feel right at home and was only too happy to announce that meals were definitely available for lunch. Brilliant! So we settled on a drink each and wandered around to the dining room to check out the menu board.

I’m keen to not go for a schnitzel (again), despite the fact we haven’t eaten here for several years and not sure of what to expect. A quick glance over the menu and i spot this; “New York Strip Porterhouse marinated with pepper & lime and served with chat potatoes & vegetables”. Yum! Sounds delicious. L goes for the mustard chicken breast with mash & seasonal vegetables. That’s it. Meals sorted. Fastest meal ordering ever and back we go to the front bar to resume position on the bar stool & chat with Irene.

And chat we did. It was like we’ve known each other for years. Yes, i know we (me) like a good chat, i was told just this weekend that i can talk the legs off a table. I’m confident and like to get to know people….it’s how i roll 🙂 And Irene it seems loves a good chat too, so it seemed like no time at all had passed when our meals were ready.

On the friday evening of the long weekend the hotel hosted a wedding party so it’s definitely well supported which is great to hear. Yes, we were the only ones in the dining room today but as mentioned earlier, that doesn’t bother us too much so it was great to sit quietly & enjoy our meal.

Enjoy our meal. What an understatement. They were both divine. It took considerable effort from me to not inhale mine. And that little jug of jus, i could have picked it up and drank it. Delicious!

Watervale Hotel - New York Strip Porterhouse Watervale Hotel - Chicken Breast

My porterhouse was cooked to perfection. I asked for medium and that’s what i got. The chicken was succulent and tasty. The vegetables were beautifully done. I like mine slightly under cooked, not soggy, and that’s exactly what we got so i was in heaven.
When Irene stuck her head in to see if everything was ok i could barely speak and as i said before, i had to make an effort to put my knife & fork down and have a sip of wine so as not to inhale it and extend the taste sensation that was going on in my mouth.

It was a simple, well cooked, meal that was served to us in a friendly environment. All contributing factors to a great dining experience.

So have i tempted you yet to go there? I hope so because Irene and partner Craig, are lovely people who deserve your patronage. It’s immediately obvious Irene has been in the hotel game for a while, she’s confident & friendly and after she poured our drinks, she pulled up a bar stool on our side of the bar with her glass of water. Always a good sign you’re in a friendly country pub.

The only critique i have, and it’s nothing to do with the service or food is, no social media for this social media lover to go crazy with and tag so you can click ‘like’ or hit ‘retweet’. No biggie, it certainly doesn’t affect our experience today or yours when you go there. And i hope you do go there soon because i am certain you’ll be pleasantly surprised and like us, wonder why you haven’t been sooner.

Deb, Craig, Irene
Cheers to Irene & Craig for a lovely couple of hours. See you soon!

watervale hotel

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    Nice comments and certainly fabulous to here. Putting that on the to do list shortly


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