Red Hot Shot Coffee!

We are blessed to have several great coffee outlets in CLARE VALLEY and surrounds but we have only one that delivers to our office doorstep.

Enter; Red Hot Shot Coffee, the brain child of my dear friend, Jodi.
That’s my biased disclaimer, by the way….!

After selling the local business she established about 6 years ago, Jodi Weckert decided she wasn’t quite busy enough (flat out like a lizard drinking isn’t busy enough 🙂 ) with her gourmet catering business Jodi Weckert Catering – Clare Valley and she set up the now infamous, Red Hot Shot Coffee van.

Jodi Weckert, owner of Red Hot Shot Coffee

Jodi Weckert, owner of Red Hot Shot Coffee

A fabulous idea which is now so popular you can hear the screams of despair when Jodi announces she has to take a day off to attend her in-demand catering business or work the van at a specially booked function like, a ram sale. Yes, even the most hardened farmer is getting used to the idea of great coffee, even if they do say it’s just for the girls.

Red Hot Shot Coffee doesn’t just visit many of the offices in Clare, no siree, the little red van can often be seen making a detour to the local gym, park, kindy, school, wherever there’s a coffee lover, RHSC is there! It’s not unusual for Jodi to be making coffee and replying to the many (read, gazillion) text messages requesting coffee. This is in addition to her incredibly full coffee round, mind you, but it doesn’t faze her at all, everyone gets their coffee or hot chocolate eventually. And i can assure you, it’s always worth the wait.

It’s more than just great coffee though. It’s the banter with Jodi and other coffee lovers that makes it fun and if we’re lucky enough, the chance to buy some delicious treats left over from the weekend’s catering gig or, a chocolate brownie that Jodi quite often whips up the night before, especially in winter. They are delicious! …So i’ve heard…. More often than not, while we (locals) are waiting, several tourists or other locals walking past will stop and get their morning (coffee) fix.

But it doesn’t stop there. When Jodi isn’t serving fresh brewed coffee to the office workers during the week, you’ll find her at the local footy, much to the delight of many football mums. It’s quite entertaining when Jodi updates her facebook status to: “Coffee lovers, the van will be at Redhill tomorrow for your much needed coffee fix”, and the many comments that follow are huge sighs of relief and, “See you first thing in the morning, Jodi!”

As Clare Valley has many functions and events at any given time throughout the year, Red Hot Shot Coffee is always on the go with the next major event being the Clare SA Masters Games no exception. So if you’re visiting the Clare Valley for this fantastic event, keep a look out for Jodi and her Red Hot Shot Coffee van and enjoy one of her delicious, made with love, coffees!

Getting my Monday morning coffee fix, a great start to the week! With Jodi Weckert.

Getting my Monday morning coffee fix, a great start to the week! With Jodi Weckert.

See....Made with love!

My soy latte, made with love!

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