It’s Not Clare Valley

Ok, so i’m just going to go on a little Andrew Costello (South Aussie with Cosi) tangent for a bit and spruik something other than Clare Valley.

Glenelg, “The Bay”, have you been lately? I haven’t been for a few years, maybe longer, and had an overnight stay last week and gee it’s changed… quite a bit. Our little palindrome Glenelg is all grown up and successfully holding its own. Glenelg Jetty Road There were tourists and locals everywhere. People taking a stroll, walking the dog, going for their nightly run.

You get the picture.

Sure, it was a beautiful autumn day that turned into a gorgeous evening perfectly made for socialising, but there was also this fantastic vibe going on that immediately took me to my other favourite place outside of Clare Valley, Melbourne. I felt like i’d stepped out of SA and into the trendy St Kilda scene with all the footpath cafes offering delicious street food advertised on side-walk blackboards and hundreds of people from all over the globe getting about doing their thing and having a fabulous time doing it without a care in the world for who might be watching. Hipsters & carefree individuals everywhere.

For those of us who grew up going to The Bay and visiting magic mountain or, for the boys, doing burnouts in the carpark, you could be mistaken for your first impression being that it’s a bit like a concrete jungle now. But once you get in there and start walking about, it really is fab.

We have stayed at the Stamford before but this time we chose the Oaks Plaza Pier. Both are equally excellent but i have to say i am becoming rather partial to apartment style accommodation, especially when it has a balcony which is perfect for cracking open the bottle of Clare Valley wine you’ve taken with you! And while most might think you need to have ocean view, our room overlooked the park which was just as aesthetically pleasing to the eye and good value for people watching if you like to pass the time that way. Great value for money too. You’d be hard pressed to get decent accommodation for under $300 these days, especially during Mad March in Adelaide, and our spacious apartment was under $250, including parking. Bargain! Love it!

Once we’d checked in we decided to take a stroll along the jetty. I was told it’s shorter than it used to be but i’m sure there’s some jetty experts out there who will either agree or correct me on that. And there were some extra pylons where the ‘ramp thingy’ used to be which were perfect for the jetty jumpers performing all sorts of front & back flips. Glenelg Jetty JumpingI gather that’s where the Kangaroo Island Ferry docks/ed. Does it still operate anymore? Bugger climbing them though, it looked like a lot of hard work for a belly-flopper reward!

We had a bit of excitement in our afternoon when we almost made a citizen’s arrest of a dodgy looking character lurking around women and their handbags. He knew we were on to him though and despite calling it in, he high-tailed it out of there before the patrol arrived.

Crime stopping interruption over and we were back to making our way down Jetty Road. We didn’t get far. All those delicious choices but the one that jumped out at us was the Mexican cafe offering Sangrias and Coronas for $5 a piece. We were there with our ears pinned back. Not so much for the price but for the happy vibe and great music playing. There’s something about being on holidays that makes you feel extra relaxed.

I’m pretty picky when it comes to customer service and this cafe was spot on. We felt welcomed and comfortable so we decided to order something to eat. The menu was extensive but we opted for tapas with a trio of dips. It reminded me of something i’d get at Mr Mick so i knew we’d love it. And we did. Down the hatch and oops, another round of drinks thanks, mate! And another. Good thing everything is within walking distance.

It was getting close to dinner and we headed back to the Oaks and somehow found ourselves at the bar. Seriously, anyone would think we had a drinking problem but life is short. Do what you wanna do, be what you wanna be…….yeah!
So i perched myself on the barstool with a G&T and settled in. This place was humming. What a great vibe.

A couple of rounds there and we decide to head off to dinner at the Asian restaurant. It wasn’t packed which i liked and it was good bang for our buck. We had the added treat of enjoying the most magnificent sunset. We get some cracker sunsets in Armagh, just check my instagram feed, and this one was no different. Just ask the other half who takes the mickey out of me whenever i head off down to the gate to take a sunset snap.

Dinner over and we retreat to our apartment. What a great afternoon & evening at Glenelg. I think i just found another favourite place “in my own backyard”. What a treat.

Now i’ll get all Molly Meldrum on you and say; “Do yourself a favour” and visit Glenelg, The Bay, soon. You won’t be disappointed.

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Clare Valley 'local'. Love sharing photos, news and, events of our Region. This is my unpaid gig. Just because.
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  1. I’m a sunset snapper too. What’s not to like? 🙂


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