Danish Design

The thing i love most about exploring our #clarevalley backyard is stumbling across things i never knew existed. Yes, this does happen, even for me. And recently it happened when we went to Art From The Heart‘s exhibition opening at Annie’s Lane.

After we’d spent a couple of hours mingling and taking in the wonderful art pieces from the 4 very talented Art From The Heart, artists, we wandered in to the next room and to our delight found another stall full of tremendously gorgeous felt pieces. Hats, gloves, purses, bags, scarves, there were several tables of lovely hand crafted felt designs.

Maria Salomonsen is the very talented lady behind the wonderful Danish Design and uses an age old tradition dating back to before spinning and weaving became popular.

Maria Salomonsen danishdesign@live.com

Maria Salomonsen

I was admiring Maria’s wrap top when she declared she made it completely by hand. The stitching was perfect. I can only aspire to be that creative & clever and to be so good at it but that’s the beauty about life, we are all good at something, each in our own unique way.

It was great to meet Maria and have her chat with us about her craft. She is so passionate about what she does and we were captivated by her story and explanation of how she creates her wonderful pieces.

Fine merino wool is used for clothing worn next to the skin while stronger coarser wool is used for pieces that can tolerate more use like, slippers and handbags. Maria also makes floor rugs and to do this she uses raw wool straight from the sheep’s back.

I was intrigued to learn how Maria takes inspiration from nature and the time it can take to create some of her work, depending on her frame of mind, the weather and the natural materials available to her. She truly is an inspirational woman with a kind & calm soul. It was a pleasure to be in her company.

If you would like to see Maria’s work Blackman Gallery in Clare have some on display for sale. Another fantastic local business owned & operated by lovely, talented, people supporting other local businesses. Love it.

Thanks to Maria for her lovely hospitality in sharing her wonderful Danish Designs. Another great #clarevalley business.


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