Gourmet, #ClareValley style

With less than a week to go the countdown is definitely on for the 2015 Clare Valley Gourmet Weekend May 15-17, and if i’m not mistaken the vibe i am getting is it’s going to be the best one yet. I’m not going to say, “bigger” because things don’t have to be bigger to be better. All i’ll say is, the talented wine, beer and, food people in the #ClareValley are fine tuning their skills each year and putting on events that are sure to tantalise everyone’s taste buds. And of course there’s the music, we can’t forget the musicians who set the perfect backdrop while we sip and devour our way through two days of gastronomical bliss.

So, i hear you asking, where do i go when there are so many fab places to choose from and try to squeeze them into just two days?
First step is to get yourself a gourmet brochure. They are available just about anywhere but i did see Clare newsagency mention the other day they had plenty left so perhaps head there first thing Saturday morning and grab one. Brett, Tammy & Rachel would love to see you, I’m sure! For the internet savvy, you can view the booklet online at the CVGW website link mentioned above.
Browse through the pages and then simply follow your heart….via your stomach. Forget your head, that will definitely remind you where it is the morning after.

I am definitely looking forward to visiting some new venues this year which is hard when our ‘old’ favourites who do no wrong are still there, loyal as always, putting on a great show. We’ll do our best though to pop in to those as well.

I’m going out on a limb here and saying that i love gourmet weekend even more since the Adelaide Cup long weekend date was changed. Don’t get me wrong, of course i have been on bus tours in years gone by, when it was a long weekend and it was nothing but a big swim through. We had the most fabulous time doing that but as we all know, things change, and it’s usually for the best, so my liver tells me. Youth and stamina got me through then. Wisdom and a fallout with Mr Hangover is what sets my gourmet agenda now.

If i thought you could fit every winery in, without a doubt i’d say go to every one of them and stay there for at least a couple of hours. But i don’t think that’s quite achievable so here are my picks for 2015 #ClareValley gourmet….

Friday May 15Brewhouse Blues at Pikes Brewery. The newly opened brewery is already establishing itself as a place to put on your #clarevalley to do list and Brad the Brewer has no doubt put a lot of effort into this event. I’m keen. See you there!

Friday May 15Greg Cooley Wines long table dinner featuring Saskia Beer. With less than a week to go, tickets are limited so get in quick. All i heard from last year’s was “absolutely outstanding”.

Friday May 15 – Clare Rotary Club Art Exhibition in the Clare Town Hall. Entry is just $15 and this exhibition is well supported and recognised throughout the region.

Saturday morning May 16 – a riesling flight with Jim Barry. Say no more. Jim Barry is Clare Valley and vice versa. (Address is @ Clos Clare Wines)

Saturday May 16, 9am – 2pm – Clare Valley Cuisine gourmet market at Ennis Park (Clare main street next to the Town Hall). A gourmet feast of all that is locally produced. You really don’t want to miss this. Think; olive oils, olives, jams, dukkah, breads, lamb, chicken, pasta, cooking demonstrations, coffee…..the list is endless and it will be a hive of activity! Will no doubt see me there.

Saturday May 16 – Kilikanoon Wines – A freshly renovated cellar door will be perfect for hosting gourmet enthusiasts. A great wine and a lovely venue. I haven’t seen the new cellar door yet so it could be on the cards.

Saturday May 16 – Sharing the love @ The Gourmet Hub featuring; Kirrihill Wines, Tim McNeil Wines, Rythm Stick Wines, Knappstein, Koonowla Wines AND, local legendary chef, Louise Haines with Cafe 23. Louise needs no introduction with us locals so, take it from us, she definitely knows her way to your stomach!  #8 Spring Gully Road, Clare.

Saturday May 16 – Mad Bastard Wines – Relax with wine and oysters on the lawn. Emergherrd!! All i heard there was oysters. Oysters, riesling, oysters, riesling, oysters……

Saturday May 16 – Oleary Walker Wines – Because the view is as fabulous as their wine. Breakfast & lunch happening here so you’ve got all day. The end.

Saturday May 16 – Paulett Wines – Pauletts are releasing their bush devine cafe. Everyone knows Pauletts for the outstanding views and wine and now they’ve added a bush cafe to the mix. It’s very new and it’s very now. These guys do gourmet extremely well.

Saturday May 16 – Stone Bridge Wines – because you just have to have a wood fired pizza with your wine!

Sunday May 17 – Breakfast at Skillogalee Wines is a must. Nothing beats a brisk autumn morning standing around a 44gallon fire drum listening to ‘Carpy’ belt out the tunes while you devour a hot brekky. Not for me anyway. I love it! Have been known to go for breakfast and stay the entire day. It’s that easy.

Sunday May 17 – Pikes Wines – Celebrating 30 years. This Clare Gourmet veteran always has great reviews. Wine. Food. Song. What else is there?

Sunday May 17 – Jeanneret Wines & Clare Valley Brewing – the perfect combo for a husband (beer) & wife (wine) duo. Food by Sneaky Pickle and music by Uptown Seeds. haven’t tried either before so I’m definitely checking out this one.

Sunday May 17 – Sevenhill Cellars & London Hill Catering – another great local marriage. Breakfast and lunch happening here. A wonderful venue rich in #ClareValley history. You can’t go past it.

Sunday May 17 – Crabtree Wines – Wine & Chocolate. Handcrafted wine & hand-made truffles. We did this a couple of years ago and, ooh la la. One for later in the day perhaps, depends on your palate, but it’s definitely a yes from me.

Sunday May 17 – Eldredge Wines – Oh the good times we’ve had at Eldredge Wines and this year will be no exception. Local muso, Danny Hooper, is back for his 20th year to rock out the crowd. Plenty of room on the lawn to grab a platter and chill with Danny! The perfect place to end your Clare Valley Gourmet experience.

See you in 2016!

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Clare Valley 'local'. Love sharing photos, news and, events of our Region. This is my unpaid gig. Just because.
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