Pearl – short & sweet

For someone who doesn’t like surprises i do love those quirky little ones sent from the universe. You know, the ones that sneak up out of the blue and make you wonder if someone truly is watching you. I’m not religious but throughout my life i’ve had a gazillion little moments that stop me dead in my tracks. We all do, right?

So tonight i opened a new bottle of wine, a riesling, that i haven’t tried before. It was released last year it says on the front label. And as i twist the screw cap, ahhhh yes, that lovely crackling sound followed by a luscious golden riesling poured into a glass bearing the same name as the label. My new found hobby for my hobby; collecting local wine glasses because it looks better when you promote the region on social media (socmed).

It’s been a long day. A long few weeks. A long year but, a successful year and as i crunch the numbers to close off the financial year a sense of calm waves over. I decide tonight i will have a special little ‘ching ching’ to myself and try this new riesling.
“Have you tried the Pearl?”, i was asked when i bought it. “Nope” was my reply.

While our eye is often taken, and mind made up, by the visual of the front label, i like checking out the back label as well. You get a good insight into the winemaker particularly as many are now putting their own personality amongst the words and not making it all about the flavours in the bottle. Far more interesting in my humble opinion and if you’re lucky enough to know the winemaker, it makes you appreciate their hard work even more. Or maybe that’s just me?

Tonight’s label said; “Armagh vineyard home has a tiny one room cottage referred to as the spinster’s cottage. I feel it is time to honour the spinster. Little old Pearl was a local Clare identity, cross-eyed, wore a navy trench coat down to her ankles, and a little felt hat attached snugly to her head. She never gave up on finding a husband, hopefully in the main street on her daily visits where she was greeted by all. She enjoyed a tipple, if it was any good her eyes did a little criss-cross dance. My 2014 Limerick Riesling is styled to make your eyes dance and enjoy the moment. Blessed with 200 dozen. Julie Ann Barry – Maker”.

My little “unreal” moment came as i read that label because i am blessed to say i knew Pearl and i served her when i worked at the Optometrist in Clare about 9 years ago. When i was asked if i had tried it i had no idea it was named after such a lovely human being. My heart sung as i read Julie’s words because she nailed it. Pearl’s eyes were as crossed as you could get them and she used to pull that red felt hat down on her head as if there was a cyclone about to blow through town. She was totally gorgeous and it instantly reminded me of another wonderful older woman i have met in the last year named, Doris. A story for another blog.

Every week Pearl came in to Carpenter & Brown Optometrist and asked us to tighten her glasses because, “they are falling down my nose, they don’t fit right”. We religiously took her glasses off, walked over to the machine, did nothing to her glasses except give them a damn good clean, and when we put them back on her cheeky little face she would declare “that’s much better”. Bless her little cotton socks. It’s moments in life like this i feel grateful for having the ability to see people. And i’m not talking about visually.

Blessings also to Julie Ann Barry – Head Girl at Good Catholic Girl Wines for making such a spirited little Riesling that perfectly embodies our #clarevalley region. And also for having the ability to write such lovely words on the back label about a local Clare identity. In Julie’s words, I am enjoying every moment of this blogging journey and i am blessed with having wonderful people and delicious wine in my life.


Limerick Riesling - Pearl Good Catholic Girl Wines

Limerick Riesling – Pearl
Good Catholic Girl Wines



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6 Responses to Pearl – short & sweet

  1. Leah Grainger says:

    Great blog Deb, a wonderful story. I very much enjoyed and it put a smile on my face!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, Leah. It was a totally unplanned, spur of the moment, blog, and I very much enjoyed writing it


  3. Heidi Hodge says:

    What a beautiful tale! You brought a smile to my face as I remembered exactly who you were talking about, but never knew her story. A ray of sunshine, and what a lovely tribute to her 🙂


  4. Paul Carpenter says:

    Hi Deb

    Just discovered your spruiking Clare site. Great Job! Loved reading this story about Pearl who we all remember with those +12 lenses in her glasses. Beautifully written.

    Liked by 1 person

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