Indii of Clare

It might come as a surprise to some but the Clare shopping precinct has been steadily growing and maturing for several years now. Long gone are the days when you had to carefully plan your shopping on the weekend because come midday Saturday, everything was shut and everyone was off playing local sport. The local sport still happens but most of the shops have wised up about their opening times much to the delight of many, myself included.

And with this change in pace we have seen the introduction of new businesses and eateries that many life-long locals might not have even contemplated they’d enjoy the services of. Cellar doors have also changed the way they do business and this is most notable with the Valley’s newest addition, Bush Devine Cafe, at Paulett Wines. It would be remiss of me though to not mention Mr Mick. When Mr Mick opened several years ago now that was quite the novelty. Drinks and tapas on a friday night at somewhere other than the pub was a real hit with the locals. For me, this was the beginning of the new Clare.

Not long after that that the gossip around town was buzzing as one of the shops up the southern end of town received a makeover. There were many speculations but as it turned out it was an Indian Restaurant called, Indii of Clare.
As it also turned out we knew the manager which meant we were even more eager to support and try this new restaurant.

Indii of Clare function room

Indii of Clare function room

Opening night was huge. Wait. That’s an understatement. Opening night and the following few weeks were absolutely massive. On the night we went for dinner the entire place was packed, every table, and the line up for take-away was flowing out the front door. For those who have been in the restaurant you will understand the magnitude of that.

Indii of Clare Restaurant

Indii of Clare Restaurant

We have enjoyed dining in, and getting take-away from, Indii of Clare ever since it opened. The staff are friendly and i am pleased call most of them, friend. I am proud of the fact that we befriend new residents to our community no matter what race or religion. One of the things i love about life right now is our multicultural communities, It’s a win win for everyone. Like a lot of our friends we have taken visitors to Indii and recommended it to tourists. It’s definitely a place for us locals to brag about.

Since i changed jobs a little over a year ago i now work right across the road from Indii. For those old enough to remember, Mark Holden would say, Touchdown! So NOW, i have another very convenient place to go for lunch. I have the most delicious food cooked fresh within ten minutes of my arrival and it’s divine!

Take today, for instance. On the spur of the moment i decided i’d have a quick lunch so i went across the road to Indii and within no time at all i was enjoying this….

Chicken Tikka from Indii of Clare

Chicken Tikka from Indii of Clare

for just $12. Twelve bucks i tell you. Bargain! And i was full as a goog afterwards because i just had to eat it all for the delicious taste. And if i wanted naan bread i would have only paid $15. For a delicious, fresh cooked lunch, this is right up there.

One of the talented chefs is Rahul and he makes THE BEST cheese and garlic naan bread. All of his cooking is great but his legacy will definitely be his naan bread!

Showing my gratitude to Indii of Clare chef, Rahul

Showing my gratitude to Indii of Clare chef, Rahul

Restaurant Manager, Sunny, and his staff do an amazing job and i know a lot of locals love getting their take-away for dinner but i seriously encourage you to put this on your lunch time radar. You won’t be disappointed.

Indii of Clare is on the left hand side of the main street as you head south, just before the southern round-a-bout. The restaurant is open every day for lunch and dinner except Tuesday. There is a separate function room which is perfect for corporate dinners or private meetings.

Visitors and locals alike should definitely put Indii of Clare on their dining list.


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  1. You’re keeping a list, right? I’m thinking I’ll need a month or so in Clare! So many great places! This sounds delish!

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