Mad Bitch

Tonight i am reminded of why i love Clare Valley so much. It involves a bloody good rizza and reflection on a productive day with a dash of hilarity from a passionate wine maker.

Rewind a few weeks back when we were in Melbourne catching up with friends and at dinner i asked my wine enthusiast (that’s an understatement) friend, “Am i being a wine wanker by suggesting the type of glass affects the taste of the wine?”. The glasses we were drinking from that night were thick and cheap and his reply was lengthy and i don’t remember much of it because we were at the end of a good bottle of red, which i am damn sure would have tasted amazing if we had better glassware but, in short, his reply was, “No, you’re not being a wine wanker”. Phew….GTK i’m not one of those! The glassware was still shite.

Fast forward to today when i was chatting with the Mad Bastard. No, really, he is a Mad Bastard. Today for example, he was posing as Maurio or something similar. I mean, who does he think he’s fooling wearing that beret? We all know it’s the Mad Bastard in disguise! Pffft

So i mentioned my wine glassware conversation with MB and told him his wine glasses were excellent drinking vessels. I was delighted to learn Mad Bastard Wines now has new wine glasses so i popped out there this afternoon and got myself a bottle of the 2015 Riesling & a glass. The glass….it’s bigger and better and it’s a rippa to drink from. And the label is soooo appropriate for this crazy spruiker. Check it out….did you see it? It’s a Mad Bitch glass! Haha, i love it & i’m stoked to have one in my wine glass collection 🙂
Mad Bitch glass croppedAnd here it is again, posing with the 2015 Riesling.
Mad Bastard rieslingMad Bitch is such a poser but the competition is great because that riesling is everything a Clare Valley riesling should be. Tight and limey. That’s what i get anyway, and that’s what i love so it’s a 10/10 for me. Nope, i am not exaggerating, i told you at the top it’s a bloody good rizza.

If you haven’t been to the Mad Bastard cellar door yet, you’re in for a treat. True to style Mark & Annette welcome everyone in like an old friend and then entertain with their quirky, left of centre mannerisms and hospitality. They are both completely mad and we love them for it. It’s what sets the Mad Bastard cellar door apart from many others. We took friends there a couple months back and it was a lot of fun. Couldn’t let a photo op go begging so here we are with “Michelle”. You never know who you’re going to get at the MB cellar door, it just depends on the day.
Mad Bastard with the MDAnd of course there’s the wine. I had a 2011 shiraz the other day and i was dubious because that wasn’t a great year but what i tasted was a darn good wine. Mb might come across the clown but there’s no funny business in his wine. He knows what he’s doing, there’s absolutely no mucking about there.

I’m still enjoying that riesling and if i’m lucky there might be a few drops left for tomorrow night! Mad Bastard Wines has several great varieties so don’t take my word for it, check out their website, sign up for the newsletter so you can stay in tune with their antics, and maybe buy a doz or two. Don’t forget to grab a his and hers glass because there’s a Mad Bastard and Mad Bitch in every household, and they are really great to drink out of.
Don’t believe me? Here’s what one member of the Aussie Wine Tasting Group said tonight on twitter…

Mad Bastard Wines is located on the Main North Road, just 1km north of the Clare township. Their cellar door is open 10-4 daily. Not 10-6.30…10-4. If you go there at 6.30 and ask if he’s still open don’t be surprised if the answer is, “What do you effing think?”.

Cheers to you, MB & AB, for being completely mad. We love it!

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Clare Valley 'local'. Love sharing photos, news and, events of our Region. This is my unpaid gig. Just because.
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  1. Leah Grainger says:

    Brills! Will have to purchase one of those glasses.
    There is a mad bitch in all of us!!!

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