memeUnless you’ve been living under a rock you would know by now that i am a huge fan of Clare Valley wine. An appreciation that has been steadily growing for several years and rarely do i consume much else except…..Gin. Gin is good. Oh, and beer. Beer is also good. And, stout and cider…..hhmm, nevermind.

So yes, i love Clare Valley and i love Clare Valley grown & produced wine. I could do a lot worse. But of course wine from other regions is not to be dismissed either, there’s something out there for everyone. One such wine for me is Catlin Wines from Barossa Valley. Oh come on, don’t panic it’s ok, i’ve said it and i’ve said it out loud and besides, Catlin Wines are sourced and made in a few different regions so the love and the wine is shared and that’s a good thing! So we can all now breath out and get on with life 😉

So…Catlin Wines. I first met owner, operator, marketing manager and, wine maker, Darryl Catlin, last year at a wine show in town but i had been bantering with him on twitter for a while before that. The wine show was a great event organised and hosted by another twitter origin friend, Kate, from Not The Usual Suspects. I know there’s a lot of you out there glazing over at the mere mention of Twitter, but there are many of us who enjoy it and it’s best described as a perfectly made espresso martini. Short. Sharp. Shiny. No BS.

Back to the wine show, NTUS. It was a lot of fun where i met a lot of social media friends and, I got to try many a new variety of wine with one of my favourites being the Fiano. No, not Fiona….Fiano. For me it’s a cross between a Riesling and a Sav Blanc. Not too soft, not too sharp. Just right in the middle. I met a lot of socmed mates that day too. Yep, great day, glad i had a designated driver. Just sayin’…
There’s a second NTUS in the pipeline so stay tuned for news on that, you’ll kick yourself if you miss out.

I also tried Catlin Wines Molly Mae Gruner Veltliner at the wine show and i loved that too. Yeah sure, it could have been the mood of the day and the fact we were all trying new varieties as to why i liked it but i’ve been back and purchased more so, enough said, it’s a good drop.

Catlin Wines Molly Mae Gruner Veltliner

Catlin Wines Molly Mae Gruner Veltliner

The Riesling i have since found out, is also a good drop and is made from Mocandunda fruit and bottled at Knappstein Wines. A local connection is a great thing and the Riesling has become a favourite of mine with its real lime and citrus kick. Honestly, if you’re a winemaker and your riesling packs a good lime punch, i’m there all the way! The 2014 Riesling is sold out but the 2015 has just been bottled and will be available soon. Watch this space!

I was about to order some more riesling when Daz suggested i try the Montepulciano.

Catlin Wines Montepulciano

Catlin Wines Montepulciano

Never heard of it but sure, i’ll give it a go. I don’t mind admitting i cracked that bottle with a mix of over excitement and trepidation. The excitement won out and i was not disappointed. I’m not going to lie, this wine is probably not for everyone. If i was going to offer it to a friend i would ask them first if they liked a good dark chocolate. Not just ‘like’ dark chocolate but really love it, especially the bitterness because, The Montepulciano for me, was like a great dark chocolate. Sharp on the palate with dark, bitter, cherry, tones. I enjoyed it a great deal and over a few nights it just got better. A good sign in my book but yes, i do understand that a bottle in most wine homes does not last longer than one night. My secret? Husband does not drink wine. I’m lucky, i get it all to myself & i (usually) get to enjoy the stages of a great red wine over a few nights. White wine on the other hand…….
For the Montepulciano, put it this way, i’ll be going back for more because one bottle wasn’t enough. If you don’t like dark chocolate though, don’t let my description put you off. As we all know wine is like art, its appreciation is up to the individual and no-one can tell you what you should, or will, like. Red wine lovers i suspect will love this variety at least once and, like me, be intrigued enough to go back for a second bottle. Go on, you know you want too!

And i do know this. I am deadset keen to try other varieties of the Catlin Wines label. The wine is good and the wine maker is a great bloke with a real passion for his craft and his wine. Endearing qualities that are well worth promoting.

Please head on over to Catlin Wines website or stay tuned to this page as i’ll be sure to let you know if there’s another wine show featuring Darryl Catlin Wines.


Catlin Wines Montepulciano

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  1. Leah Grainger says:

    Another great blog, I really love your description of the taste.
    It actually makes me feel like I am tasting as I am reading
    Well done!

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