It feels like a long while since i’ve, ‘shut the gate’ so i reached toward the back of the stash and pulled out this beauty, the 2015 Polish Hill River Riesling – For Freedom.

It does not disappoint. Just the right amount of crispness with a hint of orange blossom. Well that’s what it says on the back label…….Ima just kidding, kind of. It does say that but it is what i tasted before reading the label. And no, not all rieslings taste the same.

Freedom. What does it mean to us? To you? To me?

For some, it may be as simple as not having too many responsibilities. To be able to pack up and take off on a weekend away whenever the desire gives the nod. For others it could take a financial spin, having the expendable cash to buy whatever, whenever. For many new Australians it could quite possibly mean the good fortune to relocate their family to our beautiful Country and make a new life for themselves. One without fear of retribution, war and terror. Hard for many of us to even begin to imagine and as an Aussie who is ‘born and bred’ here, i feel grateful we do not have the existence of war in our lives every day.

For me personally, i think, without straying too far from my moral compass, it means something different on any given day. It depends on what i’m doing. But to delve a bit deeper i like to afford myself personal freedom whereby i have learned to say no and be kind to myself so i can be kind to others. To live my life for me without being selfish. It’s an age thing and a conversation for two bottles of great red wine with like-minded friends!

Here’s what the rest of the Polish Hill River Riesling back label had to say……

“There one was an ornate guilded cage, hung high in a palatial room. It was home to a wild bird, an enviable creature with plumage more grand than the room itself. Loved and adored, the bird was tended daily by a generous and caring young man who passed food and water through a small golden gate. Though always nurtured, the creature longed for a life beyond the bars. With each shutting of the gate, a small light of hope inside the bird was snuffed out. The majestic creature implored his master for freedom, to extend his wings and live the life for which he was intended. Reluctantly, the caring hand unfastened the golden gate one last time. He knew too well that if you love something, you must set it free. If it comes back, it is yours. If it doesn’t, it never was. 
Fate, no matter whether or not you SHUT THE GATE.”

So here’s to opening gates and sometimes shutting them, to give ourselves our own personal freedom and to also extend that freedom to those around us.

Cheers to the Dreamer and the Gatekeeper, they are beautiful people who exude their own freedom. They also make cracking good wine!
2015 shut the gate riesling

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Clare Valley 'local'. Love sharing photos, news and, events of our Region. This is my unpaid gig. Just because.
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2 Responses to FOR FREEDOM

  1. Leah Grainger says:

    Once again beautifully written Deb, you manage to master food or wine for thought.
    So very proud of you xx


  2. Yes, this is definitely a conversation we can have over a little *ahem* wine… no is my new favourite word, well re-found word really ’cause my Mum used to tell me it’s all I ever said as a little person 😀 x


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