Collins Booksellers Clare -the face behind the counter

Without a doubt the most endearing thing about living in the country is knowing the people ‘behind the counter’. People who have gone out on a limb to own and manage their own business, work long hours, take risks, donate to as many local clubs and events as they can possibly afford and, front up every day as if it’s their first.

They are ordinary people who are local community members, just like you and me.

One such business is Collins Booksellers Clare and as part of our monthly featured business i’d like to introduce to you, Kim, one half of the CBC partnership.
Kim and husband, Al, bought the business with a couple of other partners back in 2008…Wow, time flies! And a few years later became outright owners.

The bookshop was a popular addition to the Edwards Mall, as it’s often referred to by locals, and has hosted book launches and events from a variety of celebrated chefs-come-authors such as, Maggie Beer, Karen Martini & Kylie Kwong, to name a few. There was also the luncheon event with former Australian Prime Minister, Mr John Howard, that drew a massive crowd. So yes, a welcome addition to Clare’s shopping precinct indeed and all made possible through the vision and passion of the owners.

It’s not just a bookshop though. It’s a place where you are greeted with a friendly smile and a wealth of knowledge about what’s on the shelf and advice on what to read if you’re stuck for ideas. I also love the quirky bespoke gift cards and items such as the ever popular, ‘Stay calm and…..’ series of pocket books. These make great gifts if you can stop flicking through the pages and giggling long enough to wrap them! There’s also cds available from the ABC label such as, JJJ’s Hottest 100. At the moment the shop has a huge variety of the latest ‘fad’, adult colouring books. “Huge’ being an understatement!

The next event on the Collins Booksellers Clare calendar is this Thursday night, Feb 25th, at the Clare Wine Food & Tourism Centre. The two businesses have joined forces to host the new book release from local author, Meredith Appleyard, The Doctor Calling. When Meredith’s last release, The Country Practice, was released, Collins Booksellers Clare sold all copies on the same day as the launch! Amazing effort and a testament to the author no doubt, but you can’t overlook how fabulous that is for a local business. Locals supporting locals, supporting locals!

For the event this Thursday night, please RSVP to the CWFTC by tomorrow, Feb 22nd, their number is 8842 2131.

Collins Booksellers Clare can be located in the Edwards Mall & their number is, 8842 2222.

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Clare Valley 'local'. Love sharing photos, news and, events of our Region. This is my unpaid gig. Just because.
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  1. Lee-Ann Hunt says:

    Nice spruik Deb, beautifully written! You’re a gem 🙂 xxx

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