The Good Catholic Girl & The Sevenhill Hotel – a match made in heaven

Exciting news came across my desk today in the form of a message from one of my biggest supporters, Good Catholic Girl Wines.

Good Cathlolic Girl Wines

Good Cathlolic Girl Wines

The GCG has been a supporter of Spruiking #ClareValley since its inception. The cheering from the sidelines of all that i do to promote the place we both love has been so appreciated so it’s absolutely no effort on my part to reciprocate the love and share their news with my loyal followers. I feel truly blessed to have my work appreciated by someone who has a lifelong connection to the area when me, just a ‘blow in’, has decided she’d like to spruik it.

You may recall recently Clare Valley Brewing shifted house from the shop in Auburn to the Jeanneret Wines Cellar Door at 22 Jeanneret Road, Sevenhill? So the exciting news from that is, Good Catholic Girl Wines now has a new cellar door home base at the Sevenhill Hotel.

Now, i don’t need many reasons to visit Longy and his awesome team at Sevenhill Hotel but to know that i can go there and buy one of my favourite wines, well….game over!
You can find the entire range of the GCG label at the Sevenhill Hotel. Applause to Longy & Kate for their continued support of local producers. You do it so well.


Whether you’ve tried a GCG wine before or not, either way, having this amazing Clare Valley wine available at one of our most recently celebrated hotels is just the best news, and the timing is just perfect with Easter, A Day On The Green and then, Gourmet, coming up on our tourist calendar. If you are in the “have nots” of trying GCG, put it on your radar, you will not be disappointed with anything from this label.


Last week i mentioned taking the James Brazill (Jimmy) Shiraz to Adelaide with us for our little getaway. When i revisited the GCG website today i was reminded of why this wine is so very special. Not only does it taste amazing but, the back story to it and the way it’s written is just divine and takes you to another place and time. Hats off to the Head Girl, not only does she make a cracking good wine but, she can also write a darn good story!

To think i should end up living just around the corner from this beautiful vineyard is a message in disguise, i’m sure.
GCG JB at dawn

Thank you to the Good Catholic Girl’s Head Girl for allowing me in to her wine world and, to Lieutenant James Brazill, we salute you, may you forever rest in peace.

Good Catholic Girl wines can be ordered via
M: 0419 822 909


P.S. For those interested, the GCG has 2014 Riesling & Malbec available at a very respectable price. Contact her today for more details!


About Spruiking #ClareValley

Clare Valley 'local'. Love sharing photos, news and, events of our Region. This is my unpaid gig. Just because.
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4 Responses to The Good Catholic Girl & The Sevenhill Hotel – a match made in heaven

  1. Sue McKee says:

    Fabulously written Deb! Happy Easter to you both xx


  2. Leah says:

    Amen indeed!! I can’t wait to actually try some of these places!!


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