My View #clarevalley

Picture this.

I stumble out of bed and raise the blinds to the sounds of our resident “Maggie” singing a tune from the courtyard fence not more than a few metres from the lounge window. It’s a familiar song but one I seem to hear more clearly on the weekend.

Singing Maggie

My toes are toasty warm as I stand bare foot on the tiles in front of the fire that has just had a big log thrown in.


The ever growing family of galahs is feeding hastily on the crumbs leftover from yesterday’s meal. Squabbling away and fluffing themselves against the icey winter’s gusty wind. On a purpose built hollow high in the gum near the drive-way is a rosella parrot calling out for his mate. She flies in and together they check out their home for the coming spring. This will be the second year they make good use of the nesting spot we put there just for them. I feel comforted knowing they feel safe in our yard to raise their young.


As I case my eye further afield in a south-westerly direction, I spot three familiar faces, the local kangaroos coming down from the top of the hill for their breakfast.

Bounce. Bounce. Pause. Bounce. Pause. Until they are right outside our driveway nibbling on the grass and the passerillage. Although, these grapes are well and truly past that stage. Dried currants, anyone? Oh well, the kangaroos don’t mind.

So I chuck on some thick track pants, a beanie and husband’s jacket that was draped over the kitchen chair. It’ll do. No time to go searching for mine. Despite the warmth from the combustion, I know full well it’s bitterly cold beyond the front door.

I do my best to sneak down to the fence to get a closer look at ‘our’ gorgeous ‘roos but alas, they are on to me and head back up to the top of the hill before i’d even had time to turn the Canon on. There are five in total but two of them, males I suspect from their size, seem to watch from a distance while the other, younger, three come closer to civilisation to graze.


They all head off, leaving me behind in the bitterly cold wind frantically zooming the lens for a decent shot. All i get is a view of  kangaroo backsides bouncing up through the overgrown vines. This land has recently sold so I am praying with all my heart the new owner keeps the vines and does their best to not disturb the wildlife.

I head back to the comfort of the fire and resume my Sunday morn. As I download and edit my catch, Maggie decides to get playful and sings to us through the window much to the frustration of our Bengal, Mosie. She knows well enough though, to not go outside and feather tackle Maggie and we wouldn’t let her anyway, but that doesn’t stop her talking back through the glass. It’s a sight and sound that amuses me no end.

Maggie at the windowfrustrated Mosie

Life is good.

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Kangaroo view

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Clare Valley 'local'. Love sharing photos, news and, events of our Region. This is my unpaid gig. Just because.
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