Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you one of Clare Valley’s finest labels from one of our highly celebrated wine producers, #Woodvale

I’m not a wine writer, not even close, but I enjoy sharing my experiences of our Region’s fine wine with my followers. I almost like it even more when i receive a message to tell me the names of people who have purchased at cellar door after my recommendations.

Recommending a wine is easy enough. Translating honestly what you experience is another.

Many would be forgiven for thinking all Rieslings are the same. They are not. And this 2015 #Watervale #Riesling from Woodvale is a perfect example.

I expected more citrus leaning on the lime side (my rookie bad). What I got was a hint of lime on the nose and delicious light, not too acidic, mineral on the palate. Leave it to sit in your glass a while and out comes granny smith to play and, as you raise your glass the beautiful light citrus is backed by the still present minerals on the palate.

Woodvale 2015 Watervale is a dry single vineyard Riesling and is a divine wine to treat yourself with and definitely one to take to a dinner party. With such a stylish label that is tactile and clever with its minimalist approach, your hosts or dinner guests will be suitably impressed.

I have to be honest and say I was at first disappointed by no story on the back but I now see where the wine maker is heading with this label. His wine doesn’t need to overload you with words. It speaks loud and clear for itself and will leave you talking about it, and the master craftsmanship of the wine maker, long after you have finished the bottle.

Woodvale Watervale Riesling is available by contacting:
08 8843 4047
RRP $30

I enjoyed a crumbly, not too sweet, blueberry cheese with this Riesling.


woodvale-2015-watervale-riesling-back-label watervale-4

About Spruiking #ClareValley

Clare Valley 'local'. Love sharing photos, news and, events of our Region. This is my unpaid gig. Just because.
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