Deb @ hop and vineWell hello there! Thanks for stopping by my humble little blog, i hope you enjoy it but most importantly, i hope you learn something about our brilliant region, Clare Valley, and find something amongst my words that entices you to come and stay. Even though i’ve been ‘spruiking’ this great region since i moved back almost 20 years ago, the online spruiking happened in 2010 when i joined Twitter. I saw a gap on the social media platform of promoting the place i call home. It wasn’t before long i started ending my tweets with #ClareValley and very soon became known by my followers as someone who not only knows about the area but is also very passionate about sharing it!

One of the most wonderful benefits to come of my blogging is meeting people i have interacted with on social media when they visit Clare Valley, especially after they have visited the places i have recommended. To hear them gushing about our world-class venues truly makes my heart sing.

I work fulltime for a local company so my blogging is purely voluntary and i love it that way. I do what i can, when i can, and i do my best to remain impartial and non-biased.

In Jan 2015 I was encouraged by a fellow blogger to link my blog to a facebook page. I’d been using facebook for my personal page for several years and have set up many a business page for friends with local businesses. Again, all done for the love but i love helping my friends who share a positive, forward-thinking attitude like myself.

Mr Spruiking and i live in beautiful Armagh, just a few kms west of Clare. It’s a gorgeous spot and we have the most fabulous sunsets, and i seriously have to restrict myself from oversharing them but they are pretty amazing.

I hope you enjoy my blog and it encourages you to visit our wonderful region. You can also follow me on Twitter & Instagram, my handles are deb@clarevalleynow